Smart City WSens

Smart City WSens — ultrasonic sensors are revolutionizing waste management. Both waste generating companies and waste collection companies face the problem of lack of monitoring and analytics, high personnel costs to control the accumulation and management of waste disposal.

Binology Wsens

WSens — the ultimate service monitoring solution for waste collection vehicles

The Smart City WSens offers a market-unique set of functions for measuring the accumulation of municipal solid waste, bulk materials, and liquids. Configurable data transmission frequency, ease of installation, a protected case, and a sensor battery life of up to 5 years will enable digitalization and analytics to be implemented and reduce personnel and facility maintenance costs.

Structurally, the sensor is reliably protected from damage and can be installed at different angles. In particular, for underground and semi-underground containers with a volume of 3 to 5 m3 or more, where special removal equipment is used. In the bodies of trucks and tanks, with a volume of 9 to 23 m3, due to the quick installation and unpretentiousness of the sensor to the external environment.


Binology Wsens

WSens Specifications

Weight: 400 g
Overall dimensions: (H/W/L) 46/105/125 mm
Measurement system Ultrasonic
Type of battery: Li-SOCI2
Battery life*: up to 10 years (NB-IoT)
Enclosure class: IP 67
Operating temperature range: –40 ˚C to +75 ˚C
Housing material: shock resistant ABS plastic
Positioning: GPS
Data transmission technology*: NB-IoT
*battery life depends on data transmission frequency, by default – 2 times per day.
**depends on model

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